Columbia River Maritime Museum
Barbey Maritime Center for Wooden Boat Building


Skill Level and Qualifications

Curiosity and interest are the primary requirements for most of the courses offered at the Barbey Maritime Center. Courses are small and much of the instruction is one-on-one, so a wide range of students can enjoy and profit from each course. Some of the courses require more skills and experience than others, though knowledge of basic hand tools is necessary in most cases. If you are concerned about whether you are skilled enough to take a particular course, please give us a call. 


Registration and payment may be made by mail, e-mail or  phone. If you'd like to reserve your spot while you prepare and mail your application, please call or send us an e-mail with your wishes.

If a course you've selected is already full, you will be put on a waiting list and notified when there is an opening. It is helpful to have alternative courses selected in the event your first choice is not available. 

Tuition, Refunds, Withdrawals, and Cancellations

There is a 10% discount for Museum members.

Tuition is due when you register. All classes are fully refundable up to one week before the class.

In case of emergency the Museum reserves the right to cancel a course and return all fees. The Museum is not responsible for any expenses incurred (airfare, hotel accommodations or other travel expenses) in the event of course cancellation.

For those courses identified as appropriate for family teams (an adult and a child under the age of 18), tuition and material costs will be charged at the full rate for the adult and half the tuition rate for the child. In some cases there may be material costs for both individuals.

Lodging, Dining and Other Activities

If you will be traveling to Astoria to take a course, there are many choices available to you for overnight accommodations, dining and other activities — both in Astoria and the surrounding area. Please visit the website of the Astoria-Warrenton Chamber of Commerce to begin your search. For news and current events, visit the website of the local paper, The Daily Astorian.

Course Materials and Tools

All materials used in the courses are charged at the Museum’s cost. 

Course Times

All courses begin and end on-time at the times published in the course description. Classes will break for lunch, which is on your own. As a courtesty to your instructor and classmates, and for your own benefit, please arrive on time.