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In Your Classroom

From museum educator-led presentations to object-rich trunks, CRMM offers a wealth of material for your classroom.

Museum in the Schools

Can’t make it to the Museum this school year? We will send a highly trained museum educator to visit your school and facilitate an exciting array of hands-on programs.

All programs support Common Core and National Curriculum and are FREE to schools in Clatsop, Columbia, Tillamook, Pacific, Wahkiakum, and Cowlitz counties. $100/ day fee for programs in Clark, Multnomah, and Washington Counties.

Please coordinate your visit request with other teachers at your school, as we must visit a minimum of four classrooms per trip. Click here to register

2016-2017 Programs

DAMS: All Backed Up!

Grades: 4-5
Hydropower is a renewable, efficient, clean, and reliable source of energy along the Columbia River. This program will focus on how dams generate electricity, get that electricity to homes, and will conclude with a discussion on the tradeoffs associated with dams in the Pacific Northwest.

From Ocean to Plate

Grades: K-5
Located at the mouth of the Columbia River the Astoria area has a rich history of providing the freshest and finest seafood to people all over the United States and the world. This program will explore how the North Coast’s “Big 5” (salmon, crab, tuna, shrimp, & ground fish) are caught, transported, and consumed.

Lighthouses of the Pacific Northwest: Science in Focus

Grades: K-5
Lighthouses mark the entrances of various harbors and alert mariners to hazards throughout the world. This lesson will enable students to discover the evolving science techniques used to improve the beacon of light. Students will actively participate in hands-on activities that relate to light, light characteristics, technology, local history, and geography.

Oil Spills

Grades: K-5
This program will deepen student awareness to why we rely on oil for everyday use, the problems oil spills pose, how they happen, and what causes them to spread. After participating in an oil spill experiment, students will understand the history of oil, the consequences of oil spills, and why the oil industry is important to the inhabitants that live on or near the Columbia River.

Sink or Float

Grades: K-3
For thousands of years people have built vessels to transport goods and people across rivers and seas. Since that time we have been fascinated by things that float and sink. The Sink or Float program contains water experiments and will include an opportunity for students to learn how to draw their own hypotheses and collect data from an investigation. *Due to the use of large water tubs, this program requires a dedicated room for the instructor.

For questions about presentation logistics or content, please contact the Education Manager, Nate Sandel at 503.325.2323.

Traveling Trunks

Traveling Trunks are available for a two week loan period. Click here to reserve a trunk.

For questions about Traveling Trunk logistics or content, please contact the Field Educator at 503.325.2323.

2016-2017 Traveling Trunk Schedule

Borrow/return dates:

  • September 14-28
  • October 5-19
  • November 2-16
  • November 30-December 14
  • January 4-18
  • February 1-15
  • February 28-March 14
  • March 28-April 11
  • April 25-May 9
  • May 23-June 6


Class inside Clatsop County $20
Class outside Clatsop County $30

Delivery options

One-way UPS shipment at an additional cost of $30, or pick up at the Museum's main entrance. The borrower is solely responsible for returning the trunk to the Museum, either through direct drop off or by arranging for shipment.

Trunks Available

Captain Gray’s Sea Chest

Grades: 3-8
Captain Robert Gray’s Sea Chest illuminates the story of seafaring, exploration, and the American presence in the Pacific Northwest. Investigate the historical replica items, videos, and music using the Educator's Guide inside Gray’s chest to give your students a truly hands-on experience.

Early Astoria

Grades: 1-8
As the oldest American settlement west of the Rocky Mountains Astoria has served as the site of many exciting expeditions including the Lewis and Clark voyage, and establishment of the Astor Fur Trading Post. The Early Astoria Trunk provides a hands-on experience for your students to connect artifacts and replicas to these adventures.

Lines, Helms, and Deadeyes: Maritime Simple Machines

Grades: K-8
The Maritime Simple Machines Trunk highlights the 6 simple machines students use every day. Using hands-on replicas, archival footage, and an educator’s guide your students will learn the ropes aboard a square-rigged ship.

Pacific Northwest Weather

Grades: K-12
From beautiful summer days to destructive winter storms, the weather in the Pacific Northwest is unique and exhilarating. The Pacific Northwest Weather trunk provides students with the tools to become meteorologist and hydrologists just like employees at NOAA. Use replicas, video footage, and an educator's guide to lead your students on this storm of knowledge.