Columbia River Maritime Museum


Below are a just a few of the questions we answer often at the Columbia River Maritime Museum.

When you receive a new item to be added to the collection, what are the steps you take to prepare it for preservation, display or storage?
What are some of the most common ways damage may be caused to an artifact?
What is the oldest, most rare, valuable or significant item in the collection?
Where do you store the rest of the collection’s artifacts?
How often to you change the items on display?
Do you loan your artifacts to other museums for display on a temporary basis?
How do you evaluate an object’s authenticity before adding it to the collection?
What special training or education is required to work with important, rare or delicate artifacts?
What’s the most unusual or complex piece you’ve had to work with in terms of preserving, displaying or storing an object?
How can I access the research library or photo archive? Is it open to the public?
What notable researchers or projects have tapped the Columbia River Maritime Museum as an information resource?