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Columbia River Maritime Museum Hosts Spring Break Programs

Released March 19, 2013

For centuries mankind has feared sharks, primarily because of the terrifying tales told by sailors. Since the 1980s, the media has played a significant role in perpetuating the false image of the formidable fish as frightening monsters. Today, when most hear of sharks, their thoughts immediately turn to the man-eating beast portrayed in the movie "Jaws." But the truth is somewhat different.

Eighteen different sharks live in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Oregon and Washington. Come to the Columbia River Maritime Museum during Oregon spring break and learn the truth about these predators of the ocean. The education department plans to dispel certain myths regarding these marine animals during its Navigating the Past hands-on program. Participants will examine shark jaws, handle bones, feel shark skin, test their knowledge regarding sharks, and create a craft to take home as a souvenir.  These activities plus viewing the featured film, SHARKS 3D, at the museum will provide visitors with plenty of new information regarding sharks.

Special programs run Saturday, March 23 through Saturday, March 30 from 11:00 to 3:00 daily. Hands-on activities are included with museum admission.  Members are always free.

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